Public Books

Since our inception, we have had an amicable partnership with the online journal Public Books, where academics join with other public scholars, critics, and activists to make the life of the mind a public good. As a result, some of our podcasts make their way into print there–among them RTB conversations with Madeline Miller, Samuel Delany, Cixin Liu and Kim Stanley Robinson. The partnership also bespeaks a deeper sense of shared mission, which is on view in our conversation with founding editor Sharon Marcus about her The Drama of Celebrity. And in the series that John edits at Public Books, called B-Sides: books that time forgot.

Literature Lab

Between 2012 and 2014 David Sherman, a professor in the Brandeis English Department interviewed more than a dozen colleagues about their work. The conversations–topics range from Yeats to Noh theater to Oprah–are expansive, extensive and deep. The screenshot here gives a sense of their erudition and seriousness.

We think they should be better known. You will find all 14 episodes here–we look forward to hearing what your favorite may be.

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