1 Minimalism with Tory Fair

2 Addiction with Gina Turrigiano

3 Old and New Media with Lisa Gitelman

4 In Focus: An Interview with Madeline Miller about Circe

5 The Comic Novel with Stephen McCauley

6 Writing Then and Now: Martin Puchner (The Written World)

7 In Focus: Samuel Delany in conversation with John Plotz (Nevèrÿon, Triton, Gertrude Stein and more….)

8 Distraction, a Conversation (Marina Van Zuylen and John Plotz at Harvard’s Mahindra Center)

9 Women in Political Power; with Manduhai Buyandelger

10 Life, Writing, and Life Writing with Helena DeBres

10x Bonus! “Exit Zero” and Life Writing

11 Quinn Slobodian: Xenophobia and Ethno-Nationalism, 1973 to today

12 “The Electro–Library” with Jared Green

73 Teletherapy (not currently available here: check at High Theory)

75* Hill (see 60 above)

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