74 George Kalogeris on Words and Places (EF, JP)

John and Elizabeth had the marvelous fortune to talk with George Kalogeris about his new book Winthropos (LSU Press, 2021). The title comes from the “Greek-ified” name that George’s father gave to their town, Winthrop, MA. George’s poems are soaked in memories and tacit, deep affection, communicated through the language of the lines and especially through certain Janus-faced words that reflect the old country and the new at once.

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Listen Here

Read the transcript here

Read along with George’s poems here

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Upcoming episodes: As you know, we always have a new episode for your delectation on the first Thursday of the month, and on the second Thursday an essay by a young scholar connected to the episode. Following on the success of our November reissue of a 2019 conversation with Martin Puchner, we are dedicating the third week of the month to an “archival treasure.” So on February 17th, we think you’ll be pleased with an older poetical conversation, also starring Elizabeth.

In March, we tackle the legacy of settler colonialism in “land grant” universities with a scholar who has been documenting the ways that stolen Native land funded the growth of the United States’ higher education complex.

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