Upcoming Episodes…and More

Eagle-eyed fans of Recall This Book will have noticed  an implicit pattern: episodes dropped each Wednesday (err, now Thursday), with upcoming episodes announced with the closing credits.

However, that is a pattern that will hold true only during the academic semester, when the whole team is around to get to work. This upcoming week, for example, Brandeis shares in the Boston February break week. So we will defer episode 6, with Martin Puchner, until our return. It will come out on Thursday February 28th.

However, you will also notice content other than podcasts beginning to appear. This week, for example, Matthew Schratz has a piece forthcoming that picks up on the Episode 2  discussion about opiates and addiction.  We aim to please! So if there are other sorts of content that would enhance your RTB  experience, drop us a line.


Schedule of Upcoming Episodes, representing (most of) the Second Half of Season One

2/21: Matthew Schratz piece on opiates, addiction and brand-named drugs

2/28: Episode 6: Martin Puchner and The Written World

3/7: Episode 7: A Conversation with the SF/fantasy novelist Samuel Delany

3/14: Episode 8:  A Distraction Roundtable  (Public event with Harvard’s Mahindra Humanities Center)


Stay tuned for these episodes and more updates! You can listen to the podcast here on our website or by searching Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play or Apple Podcasts.


Author: plotznik

I teach English (mainly the novel and Victorian literature) at Brandeis University, and live in Brookline.

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